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Brow Removal and Correction by Carol Dinis, using A Plus Ocean

Tattoos Don't Need To Be Forever

A Plus Ocean, is the perfect solution for removal of body tattoos as well as Permanent Make Up.

The unique formula targets all colours, Usually in fewer sessions than required by other removal methods and sessions are generally cheaper than other methods.

It is important to remember that Tattoo Removal is a slow process and there are many factors that can effect the final outcome of the removal procedure.

A Plus Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution contains no carcinogens and is not acid based. It has been developed over 20 years, it has been proven, and it works.

Those Bad Eyebrows Can be Corrected.

In Carols' many years of Eyebrow Artistry, she has seen too many cases of poorly designed, and poorly executed Eyebrow Tattoo.

Carol went to Tampa Florida, Where she was introduced to Master Tattoo Artist John HasheyJohn Introduced her to A Plus Ocean.

A Plus Ocean is a unique blend of highly refined Sea Salt and Aloe Vera, created by John Hashey. The solution is tattooed, in small sections, over the existing tattoo, The Hypertonic Solution draws ink from the cells and pushes it to the surface of the skin where it forms a superficial scab, which in turn falls off, taking the unwanted ink with it.

Carol has since spent many hours perfecting the art of Eyebrow Removal and Correction, and can restore your confidence by correcting those awful eyebrow mistakes.

Non Laser Tattoo removal by Carol Dinis, using A Plus Ocean Tatto Removal Solution

We don't do $100 eyebrows, we fix them!