Don't Let The Sweetness of a Cheap Price Ruin Your Looks

It pays to pay a bit more. You are paying for experience, training and quality. A reputable Cosmetic Tattoo or Permanent Make-up artist has spent years and tens of thousands of dollars honing their craft. A reputable technician will take the time to design the brows that suit you and will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the way they look, BEFORE starting any tattoo work, this ensures there are no horrible surprises after. A reputable technician will work from a clean, professional clinic, which has all local government approvals and adheres to strict health and hygiene practices. A reputable technician will not let you leave the clinic looking like the lady in the picture. Don't take chances with your face, remember the bitterness of poor quality lasts a lot longer than the sweetness of a cheap price. Cosmetic Tattoo is an art, and Carol Dinis is an extraordinary artist. (Picture for illustration purposes only)


Building Confidence and Wellness


Carol Dinis Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry. Created by HI NRG Promotions 2019

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