Cosmetic Tattoo Does Not Need to Be Scary

Have you been putting off getting your new look because you are frightened of the procedure?. There is absolutley no need to be worried.

Cosmetic Tattoo should be a pain free procedure. Carol Dinis has been trained in the proper use of anaesthetics, and she uses only quality products, both before and during the procedure if required.

The procedure is as comfortable as we can possibly make it, and most clients say they feel a light scratching above the eye. It is very rare we get ladies who just can't go through with the procedure.

Following the procedure, your brows will be a little red and puffy, (they should certainly not be angry and swollen), that redness usually settles down in a couple of hours. The colour of your tattoo will be bold and intense for the first few days, but that settles into its' more natural look in a day or two.

There will be some scabbing and flaking over the next few weeks, but that is a perfectly normal part of the healing process. Carol will give you all the instructions you need to look after your tattoo. We will get you back in three to four weeks after the procedure, to check on the healing and touch up any parts that need touching up.

Your new eyebrows can change your whole outlook, so there should be no reason to put it off, if you are still unsure, you can book a consultation, the consultation is $50, and the $50 will come off the price of your tattoo should you go ahead with a procedure.

Call us today on 0428 876 633.

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